Saturday, May 22, 2010

Writing A Beautiful New Chapter.

Today The Hubby leaves his music retail job of four and a half years to be a full-time musician.
This is it.
It's weird.
It's incredible.
It's scary.
So we celebrated this morning. Bacon. Eggs. Raspberries, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese and coffee.

And I realized something crazy. The Hubby leaves on May 25th for the first tour as a band member. Four years ago THAT VERY DAY we moved into our home. It feels full circle. Like God is sitting up in Heaven having a chuckle at how little we knew four years ago and how much we would learn four years later.
I know I'm having a chuckle.
I would like to sit down that twenty-one year old me and have a chat about all that this home would see us through. Give warning. Give hope.

We started our story backwards. We did things fast and early and went through the shit before the sunshine. So much joy was tainted. So much pain is being redeemed.
And I know I'm rambling. I have been for the last week.

I'm a giant gush of awe and wonder.

Our family is blossoming beautifully.
I am seeing my Best Friend thrive doing what he loves. The Hubby is in his glory. I have watched him step into what he's always been meant to be. STUPENDOUS.
I am seeing my precious Prince and Princess become independent, strong willed, funny, intelligent, creative and gentle souls.
I am seeing all the things that were buried in each of us, come up to the surface for the world to see.
I am seeing that God is faithful.
So, yes. Gushing seems appropriate.
It won't last forever. I promise. But for now I am a ball of excitement, and nerves, and thankfulness, and pride. Let me soak it in..... I really need to soak it in.....


  1. Wow Becca, seriously beautiful photography. So neat to see Prince and Princess hauling gear. Reminds me of Josh and I :)
    So happy for you guys.

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! I will not stop u from gushing - - - PROMISE! God has heard, every prayer, every cry out, every praise... i believe it! And man... has he answered!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

  3. congrats! this is seriously so cool and exciting. this next chapter will be an amazing one...just think what you wish you could tell yourself now, what you will learn the next twelve months.

    love the pics. the back lit one of the kids and the cross...stunnning!