Monday, May 17, 2010

Sifting Through A Foggy Weekend...

I was gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.
It was supposed to be fantastic and wonderful and refreshing and entertaining ladies weekend away...
Well it was all of the above only I saw it through a haze of discomfort and searing head pain. Thank you neck and pulled muscle in my shoulder. You suck.
But more of the weekend of female humour and ridiculous laughter to come. For now I am too tired of fighting with the photo uploader to share that joy with you.
That will come tomorrow.

Have I ever mentioned how proud I am to be a Canadian?
Every bridge we passed from Toronto to my street was filled with people honouring another fallen soldier coming home.
I don't know anyone serving. But I can feel for the families who have lost a loved one. And I can let them know that I care too.
Most times I do not wait and stand with the crowds. I have a little boy and girl who are enamoured with heights and it would not be a good thing to sit on a bridge.....
Seriously though... this was amazing to be a part of.

The Hubby and I also went downtown to the re-opening of Kensington Sound and on any other night I would've been stoked to go. But again that nagging ache came in the way of me and my fun.
Yet every time I am in Toronto I am more in love than the time before.
This city owns a little piece of my heart... How could it not?...

And these were make-up roses love The Hubby. Sometimes a tiff is worth make-up roses. Thanks Baby...


  1. m,ake up roses uh oh.. love yr pics!

  2. Have you tried Robax Platinum? I used it a couple times a week a few years back when my back was way out. It was the only thing that worked for me.