Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Women At Their Best.

I hauled off the the University of Waterloo for a Ladies Retreat last weekend. (Today the uploader was cooperating.)
I know some of the most amazing women who I brag about all the time.
Well now I have pictures to prove it.
St. Jacob's Village... Evenings with nail painting and junk food (wine)...
Silly party games... Would have been the best... If I didn't have to pop Tylenol and Advil every two to four hours...

Aren't you jealous?


  1. Rebecca...

    This pictures are fantastic!!!! I'm so glad you came...thanks for making the weekend so fun...and pretty (with wonderful bracelets)

    Love you,


  2. Love it ;) and you.......

  3. love the old frames...love!
    the head scratcher photo cracked me up bc, i know how good it feels to use that. it's not right how great it feels! right?

    good girlfriends ROCK. MY WORLD. i am so glad you girl have each other. we all need them. you are beautiful and thank you much for the compliments. you made my week!