Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mr. Grumpy...

Today we awoke to Mr. Grumpy sitting on our shoulders.
The kids needed picking up from Noe's house.
The Prince needed to be dropped to school and errands had to be run.

Mr. Grumpy got in the way... Never a welcome guest. He usually shows up when sleepless nights and runny noses are interrupting the fun of daily life. That was not the case today.

The Hubby and I had a fine sleep. Followed by silence while getting ready the in the morning (a pleasant change).
The Prince and Princess had a superb time at Noe's even with Popops away. They played till they conked out! They woke up cheerful and well rested.
Problem is Mr. Grumpy spreads like a nasty antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

What followed was a tantrum over snowpants needing to go on... (Anyone would rather race cars on the train track but responsible parents that we are, we drag The Prince and his cute little bum to school) Then came the adult's tantrum over the frustration of sticking wriggly feet into boots, along with the other adult's (my) tantrum over why as adults would we act in such a childish way(Ugh).

In my ideal world I would like to claim that our home is a tantrum-free zone. That we all have total and complete control over our emotions and our reactions to them.
This is not so.
Which isn't terrible. Through those moments of misery and irritation and mean words, we show we are human... and see how much we need Jesus and His loving mercy.
Boy Oh Boy did we need his loving mercy today.
Because the only thing that truly sends Mr. Grumpy off into oblivion is love. Often we could spend hours visiting with and entertaining Mr. Grumpy, indulging in his attitudes and thoughts, and though
sometimes a determination to change a mood can snap us out of his ugly company, SOMETIMES what we really deeply need to soak in, is that Loving Tender Mercy.
The more of that sweet presence and the less Mr. Grumpy feels welcome and the less he rears his smug face.

Though this day began with scowling and growling and snipping...
Remembering that all the crud I do is forgiven, changes this grey day and turns it into sunshine... (even if the weather isn't cooperating with the change.)

Mr. Grumpy has been booted off these shoulders... and a little bit of God's grace is now resting there.

Thank God for that... More contagious then misery is JOY... so today at 1:47pm...
I'm choosing JOY.
(Just took a little while today but we are all catching up.)

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