Tuesday, February 23, 2010


On a food side-note I am into my sixth day of no bread or dairy.
Looking back I think I have gone a total of 4 days in my whole life without bread before this.
I am daughter of an Irish mother. I hold my genes responsible.
But I am fine. I am actually, willingly, and coherently reaching for things like bananas and apples and peppers, rather than miniwheats or fresh rye loaf (both of which are haunting my counter top).
I am surprised that I am feeling lighter. (I said "feeling" not "looking") and I have slept slightly better the last few nights.
Tonight though, I will be binge eating blue corn chips and salsa to fill the void that exists simply because The Hubby is tormenting me by leaving a fraction of his Dairy Queen Ice Cream Birthday Cake in the freezer. TORMENTING ME!
Let's hope I make it till tomorrow!

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