Thursday, February 18, 2010

40 DAYS... Beginning (again) today.

If within the next 40 days I post anything remotely happy/cheerful/positive/NON-angry call it a miracle.
I have mentioned that I am participating in Lent this year.
And since I went and ruined DAY ONE, today is now officially my DAY ONE.
It hurts even to type that.
I am a carb-a-holic and now I am well and determined to behave.
(This was also going to be extended to coffee due to my previous hate of black coffee and thus the need for cream and sugar. I am thrilled to announce that the coffee at Tim Hortons this morning was so fresh that I will now be drinking BLACK COFFEE!)
Along with normal daily craze... I will be updating YOU people (though I may very well be writing to solely my father who checks up on this when he leaves my house) on my battle with the ever elusive CARB AND DAIRY ADDICTION and overcoming it.
Now excuse me while I go and make MORE COFFEE!

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