Friday, February 12, 2010

When The Sun Comes Out...

Train a child up in the way they should go...
I felt lousy this week. Coughing, sneezing, and miserable.
I lathered my feet yet again with Oil of Oregano, drank my Wheatgrass Juice, popped my Vitamin C and spent time with my pillow...while on Mommy duty with one...
That meant that the little Princess spent way more time than normal in one bedroom while The Prince spent time burning off excess energy with Noe and Popops.
I think The Princess is excellent company when feeling under the weather. She is pure entertainment. I was sung too, performed for and she even played with my hair...
Little girls... awwww...
I also think my love of reading the newspaper with my coffee in the morning is rubbing off on her. (She got the newspaper but was left begging for the "copie") And my knack of finding great deals...
In the middle of playtime/destroying what once was my bedroom and now is a hurricane zone she snuggled in for a little snooze. The Princess hasn't fallen asleep like that in possibly more than a year...
And now I see why The Hubby always says she has my lips. Yep. Undeniable.
Following my PJ induced coma came a day of spontaneous fun, which in my opinion is the bestest kind of fun! Auntie Emma, the kids and I hauled off to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto and when The Prince pleaded as to why he was being forced to go there instead of to the McDonalds Play Place I yelled:
"Because my kids are gonna grow up cultured DANGIT!!!"
I think I brought my point home.
So we cruised the cheese section and picked up (nasty) olives for Auntie Emma's Ben and then The Prince had his annual picture with the lobsters. Last year we got his first pic here... only he had a stunned/glazed look in that one...
Is it possible that he's becoming MORE of a personality?
Class Clown anyone?... I hear they are now accepted by schools as a breed all their own.
My first time having "Montreal Bagels" and I am pretty sure they're immediately addictive
- like crack.
Us ever so wise adults decided that coffee's from Tims would be ideal for this walk pushing a bus along bumpy Front St. I think people beeped for us when we tried to turn around?
Friends for almost 10 years... going strong...
Yet another reason as to why I am madly in love with Toronto and why I would brave the nippy-ness of the day to soak up the sun radiating off the stunning architecture.
You must understand.
I HATE the cold.
Way more that I hate nails scraping down a chalkboard, slightly more than I hate the feel of velvet and almost as much as I grandly DETEST the texture of peas oozing as they're chewed.
That also says how much I CRAVE the sun.
Especially when I am deprived of it for the bleak winter months that DRAG ON FOR MILLENNIUMS.
A 3/4 family portrait seemed appropriate... classic really... My kids have such poise...
Don't you wish you were there?
And now for the smile of torture people. 500 snaps later...

But seriously now.
I have to say a few solemn words.
Today we had to say goodbye to Joovy.
She had supported my loads when I was too weary to carry them.
She has been on long journeys where we have shared tears and diaper explosions.
She has followed me over the sandy beaches and through treacherous mud and run with me in lush fields.
She was a faithful helper.
And she met her fate on the door frame of the Green Parking Garage at the Jarvis St. exit.
It was quick and painless for her, though I was aching from the mass I had to drag the next 300 feet to the car.
She will be missed dearly, both in deed and for the weight my arms will have to suffer with.
She had a spot of honour... she is now indeed disabled.
And I am now without a double stroller.
Goodbye Joovy.
The day was rich with thrill and adventure and though the loss of Joovy will be felt for a little while, The Princess picked herself up in no time to administer much needed/healing "ouchie" high fives to Uncle Ben before coming home and refusing to go to sleep.

I love my life.

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