Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Decade...

Yesterday my Mum turned 60...
And she was excited!
Boy was she excited!
The Prince and Princess had a sleepover the night before and she awoke to a charming, very age appropriate birthday gift....
A Learn Your Letters and Numbers Puzzle.
(The Prince broke the secret during the sleepover but we'll let that slide, he is only four.)

You can see my Gran in the picture...
She's 90.
And damn proud of it.

I am truly blessed to have strong, stubborn, intelligent woman with whom I share my gene pool.
And I hope that a little smudge of them rubs off on me.
Because at 60 and 90 they are still as determined and willful as ever!

We have this amazing attitude in our family that not everyone has....
Yes, I said it!

Another decade? AWESOME!
Obviously 40 is better than 30,
and 50 is better than 40,
so 60 MUST be better than 50!

Now as a woman mid-twenties, I look forward to the 30's.
Because they're going to be stupendous.

Along with this attitude about aging they also do not fret over waist size, poke at their faces looking for imperfections and they haven't wept over bad haircuts (At least that I know of)...
They are SECURE.
In my eyes, my Mum- and Gran- are the BEST!
Hopefully a little bit more than a smudge of their wonderfulness will also rub off on The Princess...
Because THAT would be perfect.

Happy Birthday Noe!!!


  1. She turns 60 but the cake says 50?? Agh - what's 10 years!??!? Happy birthday Noelle!! (and great blog Bek!)

  2. Haha! Actually is says 50 but in front of it are 10 blue candles to make up the difference!

  3. lol. Happy Birthday Granoelle!!!