Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland...

It must be said,

But even through the grumbly, grouchy freezing months I have such fun that spring blossoms are here in no time.
(At least that's what I'm telling myself!)

These are some of the best ways to fill those cold, dark days...

Play twister. In the kitchen.
(Because where else would you play twister?)

Have "Claw Attacks" while waiting for your meal to arrive at
Lone Star.

Make a Colouring Masterpiece as everyone inhales tortilla chips and salsa.
(And bedtime as soon as you get home!)

Winter walks by the waterfront.
(Don't let this fool you... it happened ONCE!)

Can you FEEL the blistery wind? The view is worth it.

Make faces when confronted with blasting air that turns your nose into an icicle.

Discover things in your own community that you've never seen before.
(Seriously, I've lived here MOST of my life and didn't know this existed.)

Spend time with incredible friends on a refreshing day-long getaway OUT of the city.
Love this home, but most especially the people IN it!

Fireside story time. A roaring fire is one of the perks in the bitterness winter brings.

Play with a dog as lovely as Daphne.
Cherry now wants a dog.
(Josh said we can get one. The day we own more than one acre.)

Apply these well learned rules to enjoying the dank unending days and you just might survive this winter.
We're hoping we do.


  1. I MISS YOU! And your kiddies too...
    Can we get together soon, please? These photos are making me nostalgic for that crazy cold photo shoot we did one night around my parents' place - remember? Our cheeks were FIERY red, our noses were dripping, we laughed non-stop and probably looked drunk?

    So much to tell you. Love you!

  2. Boy do I REMEMBER! In the days when we had to drop the film off and WAIT to see the pictures! An Auntie Julia Date is required soon!