Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Days Require A Little Crazy... 6,5,4,3,2,1 Switch!

I am a very unhappy person for the entire month of March.
At least I have been every year past.
I am hoping that being aware of it is going to make this one different.
It's to the point that my sweet friend Emma once told me that I had to "get a grip because I was looking like a crazy b!%*$."
(If it was not those words exactly it was something close.)

March is miserable (in years past) because I am done. Done with winter, snow, cold, darkness, brittle nails and salty/muddy boots.
And while I know that we have in fact been quite spoiled this winter with a great LACK of snow, all other irritations continue with the dry ground too.

As I am completely aware of this malady coming for me like a train wreck, I have decided to get off the tracks and run for the nearest Tim Horton's.
I am making THIS March ROCK. I am going to get out of the house (even if it means unnecessary driving to get The Hubby to and from work to have the car), I am going to do my hair and get out of my hideous grey sweatpants daily. I am going to have coffee with girlfriends and on days that are harder than others I am going to have dinner and a nice LARGE glass of wine.

No one else in our family seems to be affected by March quite like I am. Which is a good thing. The ins and outs of the waking hours between 6:30am and 1:00am are loopy enough without ALL of us on the brink of placing thousands of dollars on credit to pack up everyone and escape to a milder, sunnier climate for, oh, say, a MONTH!

Realistically though (unless some fairy godmother lands on my bank card) we are trapped in our charming little home surrounded by caring family and friends and COLD air for all of March.
And though previously I have been a little GRINCHY during that dreaded, horrid, repulsive, disgusting, exhaustive, never ending month, I have survived it. I'm sure I will again, only this year I would like to be smiling on March 31st.

... I can't believe I am going to say this...
everyone needs a little crazy in their lives.
Even in March.

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