Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is It Wednesday Again?

The Hubby works on Saturdays.
Yes, I think that sucks too.
In our home Wednesdays are the new Saturday.
So much cooler.
Stores are less busy.
Banks are open.
There is good afternoon TV.
Best of all, I HAVE A CAR!!!
(Being a one-car family is slightly limiting.)
Robin called this morning and asked if I would like to do something.
Coffee led to grocery shopping, which led to picking The Prince up from school and going on a random shopping trip to IIIIKEEEEA all for the sake of finding centre pieces for Robin and Paul's wedding in August.

(Yes I am aware that it is a long time away. And yes I am also aware that we were using it as a great excuse to go to one of my favourite places.)

(Okay Okay. You twisted my arm. I DID use it as a reason why I had to eat bread and dairy on the day Lent begins and I have decided to give up those two loves for 40 days. But come on... It's IIIkEEEA!)

So my theory is that I will only eat bread and dairy when in the confines of the most inspiring big box store that ever existed.
(And if you cannot reach me it could be that I am hiding down Aisle 14 in Bin 527 for the next 40 days.)

How can I say NO to ice cream when it makes the CHILDREN so happy?
I just wanted to share in their happiness...

Then I came home and changed my new nose ring.
The sparkle had fallen out of the first one and went from looking super hot to totally lame.
Oh, and I blame my parents for my desire for piercing and tattoos.
Not sure why, but I figure someone has to be to blame for why I tortured my poor nose with this itty bitty ring of agony.
(Ah well. I think it is back to looking super hot!)

Have a stupendous Wednesday!

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  1. Does the ice cream cone count as bread? I was going to try to make scones for our tea but couldn't decide if they were bread or not, and they're best with some kind of dairy (clotted cream anyone?) on them so I gave up. Maybe I'll make some to celebrate the end of lent for you!