Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Things.

I sincerely hope that I am not the only mother who has crazy mornings. There are days where getting the kiddos up and out the door is like trying to get nursing home residents to perform Cirque Du Soleil.
The Princess decides to boycott diaper changes (and each time this happens I swear I am going to potty train. Yeah, still not happening.), The Prince thinks that it is more important to run laps around the house yelling, than get his underwear on and I cannot drag my butt out of bed fast enough to have breakfast, snacks and bags packed without the "WE HAVE TO BE OUT THE DOOR IN ONE MINUTE" cram.

I am still working on becoming a morning person. Prior to marriage and children I worked at Starbucks and was an opening shift leader. This meant that I woke up in my apartment at 5:15am, brushed my teeth, put on my black outfit, crossed the street and opened the shop where I worked until early afternoon. I would then come home and get ready for the day, or take a nap, or go shopping (my favourite of the options) but any which way, I really only woke up around 3pm. And being under twenty I would then go out (usually to The Hubby's gigs) until the wee hours of the morning just to wake up a short time later and begin it all again. I liked this.

There are things though that make me a better morning person...
Forget just morning, these things just make me a happier person anytime of day!...

Coffee (now black) while reading my daily blogs (oh how I love what these women write. See the ones I follow) and magazines. I am not a hoarder of these glossy, colour-filled pages but I indulge from time to time in their satiny whimsy. When finished window-shopping in the comfort of my home I pass them along, or trade it out with my just as addicted girlfriends.

I like Princesses who appear right in my very kitchen! Though there are days where I would like to put the "princess" attitude out with the garbage, I find the outfits to be fabulous.

Oh Ribbon. Ribbon Roses. Colourful Ribbon Roses on Headbands.
(This should be obvious since I started a business to feed this love of flowery accessories!)But honestly... How stinkin cute is that?!

Toys in their baskets make me giddy with joy!
I know that there are some mothers who patiently enjoy the chaos and mess that comes with children playing. And while I do have moments where it is incredibly satisfying to see them "creatively" decorating the house with their primary coloured blocks and dolls, I LOVE LOVE LOVE a tidy home. Period. It makes me SUPREMELY happy.
(Even if it is short lived.)

This smile.

I do believe I have mentioned, on occasion, that I like shopping?
Well, because I am somewhat responsible and thrifty there are rules to my shopping pleasure.
A) Only shop the sale racks. Strictly.
B) When there is nothing good on the sale racks and you fall in love with a reasonably priced, floral scarf from H&M... buy it!

PIGTAILS! It needs to be yelled! Say it with me now... PIGTAILS!!!!

I have never heard of any woman who does not get glee from an empty kitchen sink. I am fine with dishes in the drying rack... But a clean sink? On days where I keep my sink cleared I feel successful. The rest of the place can be disastrous, but I will know I have beat the BATTLE OF THE DISH.

To The Hubby's dismay I have a passion for all things woolly. Actually it's kind of getting out of control. I hone in to woolly items everywhere. I am more likely to notice if that person walking past had a totally awesome, wicked, woolly sweater than if they had an orange and green mullet. If my craze keeps up, the kids will soon be sleeping under my sweaters instead of their blankets. (And I'm okay with that.)

Since this morning The Princess had no interest in cereal and yogurt, or in cookies or a lollipop, I gave up on the attempt at trying to have a few minutes of peace and instead joined her in "dancing" to the sound of the world's most irritating musical toy. (I don't know why I didn't chuck it a long time ago.)
Sometimes it's more peaceful to give up.

I am beginning week two of this sacrificial experiment. I am getting used to going without bread and dairy until I see cupcakes. Yep. That seems to be my big weak spot. Cupcakes in all their sugary, creamy, floury glory.
Tonight I am celebrating my dear friend Amanda's Birthday so I will be eating some vegan cake, and though I know there will be some flour involved I figure I am almost entirely sticking to it. And Amanda would never stand for me going without! Happy early Birthday Babe!

Now I must change a poop er. (I am promising myself right now that I am going to potty train this week. HA!)

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