Monday, February 22, 2010

Adorable Husband... Happy Birthday.

The Hubby celebrated another birthday last Friday.
I have adored him since I was 12.
I remember sitting on his bunk bed beside him at his 14th birthday party while all his friends thumbed through the pages of his awesome new Michael Jordan Biography.
I definitely adore him more now than I did then.
We've been through a lot... together.
He loves life. Really Really. First his Faith, second our family and third... music.
I'm a lucky girl.
He is talented. Stupidly talented. He is kind. (To a fault). He lets me be me. I am free to create and have friendships and be off Mommy-duty without complaint. (I was explaining to a friend that if I told him I wanted to be a stockbroker and get a PhD in astrophysics he would want to know how we needed to make it happen. THAT supportive.) He dotes on our kiddos. And they think he is the greatest man alive. He cares about his friends and wants the best for family.
Like I said... I am a lucky girl.
Happy Birthday Angel.

And on a similar note my sister celebrated her birthday on Saturday.
She is pretty darn spectacular too!!! Really Really.
Happy Birthday Steph(ie).

(Finally, I am almost through day 5 of no bread or dairy. Tired. Blah) Ick.

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