Friday, January 15, 2010

Bosom Friends

I can still remember as a little girl watching that scene in Anne of Green Gables where Anne and Diana swear to be bosom friends from that moment on...
As a little girl I giggled. (Bosom is a silly word to an eight year old) That is until my Mum explained what it meant and suddenly I went Ohhhh. And I decided I wanted a friend like that too.

My wish has been answered over and over and over again.

I have some splendid close friends. Ones who have been there through the truly devastating times and through some happy and memorable times. They have been shoulders to cry on and arms to hold me. (After The Princess was born I stayed at one of my dearest friend's place in Toronto while Princess recovered from some complications in Sick Kids Hospital. This friend stayed up with me during the long nights as I was first separated from my baby and helped me focus on breathing through the afterpain of labour. I will never forget her bathroom at 4am. THAT is monumental.)

Each woman in my life has a special slot which is reserved for the love I carry for them. My children are especially blessed by the friendships I have. Doting Aunties make their little lives even richer. These women are even patient during the times where I am only capable of being a mother and wife and can give nothing more. In those times they still pour into my life.

I believe it is immensely important to contribute to the relationships in your life. Easy for me, my friends are such UNBELIEVABLY talented, wise, supportive, understanding, intelligent, funny and beautiful people that giving to them gives me sheer joy.

Whether it is over a latte out or a tea on my couch...
Thank you...
To my sister and my friends...
You are all treasures.


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