Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thinking. Doing.

I have lost sleep for a week.
No exaggeration.

I am 25.
Some of you may be younger. Some older.
But I am 25.

At 25 I could someday become a surgeon.
At 25 I could someday become an astronaut.
At 25 I could someday run for Prime Minister.
At 25 I can do anything.

I am not saying that anyone older can't DO anything.
My Mum at 55 decided to study piano.
She was passionate and dedicated.
Now she teaches to children who thrive under her guidance and easy demeanor.
I thinks she's inspirational.
I think she's making an impact.

That's what I want to do.
Make an impact.
I will not become a surgeon.
Or an astronaut.
And I have no intention of becoming Prime Minister
(Couldn't wear boring suits, blast my mouth too much and could you picture me campaigning wearing my hair jewellery?!)

Since at 25 I am a wife, a mother and an artist, I think that I have a nice weighty load on my shoulders.
Yet I know that I would like to have a larger impact, beyond these walls of my beige and chocolate brown house.
(I am not complaining about my wall colour... the chandeliers stickers do spruce things up :))

I am not sleeping because I am disturbed to my core by what is happening in Haiti.
(I have never shed so many tears for people I don't know. Problem is, tears are just that. Tears. Unless they carry change.)
I cannot go. I have responsibilities here.
AND I would probably be a waste of space and water due to my lack of emergency aid skills for the crisis they are in.
But today I decided I don't want to be useless.

So I am going to sketch 14x17 inch pencil portraits of some beautiful Haitian children, taken by friends who are a part of a dedicated and active organization called
I would like to sell each sketch for $60.
All proceeds will do directly to their Relief Fund

This is what I CAN do to help Haiti.
Won't you help too?

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