Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Life

I realized driving home from a great/long coffee night out that I have a soundtrack to my time in the car.
Usually each week is different. Usually. There are times though that in spite of hitting repeat on an album 5 buzzzillion times, my appetite is insatiable.

This week's soundtrack is One Republic Waking Up (Good Life)
Now I want you (those of you who don't know me can imagine) to picture me driving on the 401 singing quite LOUDLY/probably off key to this song... Occasionally waving a hand in the air, truly enjoying myself, so much so that I took the long way off the highway home so I could blast my ears with it just ONE MORE TIME!
(And I can't guarantee that next week it won't simply be another song off this album although I am also falling a little more in love with 30 Seconds To Mars- not always appropriate for younger audiences.)

All this BLARING and SINGING and DANCING got me to thinking (well, after the moment of thrill) that I am BORED and highly unimpressed with almost everything on the radio right now. I do not claim to be an avid radio listener, but with a child that LOVES music I will grab for anything available to calm two children in the backseat of a car who are ready to eat each others faces off. (Sometimes I could use a third very looong arm!)

The current daily intake I have had of this "radio" music is over-produced pop. Granted, there are times that call for that kind of mindless, hollow, bass and drums with mediocre vocals auto-tuned in, yet those seconds are rare and should involve a lot of young, possibly intoxicated people moving in small, dark, and grungy, overpriced drinking establishments. I personally feel that that is all that music is REALLY good for.

I like music that requires brain function. The kind where the layers of guitar and bass and keys and drums and COW BELL inspire the deep appreciation of the amount of work and sleepless nights that caused the TRUE musicians to be drained and emptied momentarily of all the creative juices that actually keep the sound worth hearing.

At another time... More specifically when it is not 12:15am I will write more on the brilliant ONES who I think ROCK THE WORLD... but again, it is the MIDDLE OF THE STINKIN' NIGHT so I'll move along :)

And in my backasswards way... I have started with the end of my day and now I will show you the very beginning of my day (and in the middle there was a whole lot of "Good Life")

After all the pics were taken a friend pointed out that the hat says:
"Hottie Police"
Now where did the kids get that?

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