Friday, January 8, 2010


There is something spectacular about little girls...

Now I want to make sure that in no way shape or form, anyone could think I have anything against Boys.

That is impossible considering how much I think Boys ROCK! Actually I thought at one point that I would only want boys... Cars, trucks, banging on drums...

And then I had My Girl. For the first time I began to wear pink. Willingly. Not simply because The Hubby convinced me it would be flattering.
Over two years later I
am thoroughly in love with pink (One of those materialistic things again I'm sure)

I entirely have bows and dresses and adorable cupcake sleepers to thank for that. And THANK I do!!!

Back to my thought...
(I think the mounds of laundry needing to be sorted is clouding my brain)

Today I woke up and decided to take a longer shower rather than leave myself time to dry my hair.
A bit of history...
I have had a lifelong battle with my hair.
(Somedays It wins. Somedays I win. Today I was losing.)
The Princess came downstairs with Daddy and took one fistful of my hair and said:
"Hair SOOO Pretty Mommy!"
And that was it for me. Because only a girl would notice.

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