Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I LIKE things. Actually I
LOVE things. Lots of things. BIG things. small things.

And I would like to consider my
self a non-materialistic person... Because...

My love of things is different than most.

My Hubby LOVES his mac and gear and the White PRS named "Pearl" that is sitting in the L&M awaiting the day he drops a plentiful amount of money into their account to bring her home and place her on his wall. Or in his arms. Or in our bed. But the day she sleeps there, I won't.
The Prince LOVES his (I mean MY) iPod and the Rocket Ship Backpack that has wings pop out the side as he flies out the door to the car on his way to school.
The Princess likes her Sky Blue Sparkle Nail Polish (non-toxic and peel-off, naturally).
And the list could go on...
(My father likes his Macrame Bag that he has yet to finish in over 20 years but swears it will someday be his BIG business breakthrough- granted he could have been onto something ten years ago if he ever finished his prototype!)

My LOVE of "things" is solely called LOVE because it brings those gushy feelings like an awesome and totally predictable chick flick, or the Honey Sesame Chicken at Jack Astors. None of those things compete with the mother-bear love that I have for my kiddos, or the adoring-crazy love I have for my Hubby. But because I get sheer joy I use "love".

I LOVE materials that create beauty. I do not love my TV. Or the Mac. I don't love my coffee maker (but I am not sure who would) and I don't love my car or my new washer and dryer (although I could see someone loving them). I LOVE paintbrushes. Feathers. Pearls and jewels. Ribbon. Acrylic paint. Fabric. Canvas. A really good sketch pad. Photographs. Yarn. Buttons. Clothing. Wood and nails. Stain. Vases. A staple gun. Pencils and ink. I love glue and tape and a needle and thread. I love material things that come together to make treasures.

So am I materialistic?
I do believe I am. To an extent.
Because I LOVE my iPhone and have a firm opinion that ANYONE who owns an iPhone is materialistic to some capacity.

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